Ivar's Success Story: Grandfather gets to stay at home with family

Ivar has been a client of Elunow for a long time. He’s been ordering in-home care for his elderly grandfather, rather than putting him into a nursing home.

His grandfather is happy because he gets to be close to his family and spend time playing with his grandchildren.

We are sincerely grateful to every customer, and even more so to those who are kind enough to share their positive experiences about using Elunow.

Please tell us your story?

The need for support first came when my grandfather was having some trouble getting some chores done around the house, as well as grocery and other shopping needs. He’d just returned from the hospital where he had surgery, and needed some extra time to recover and get back on his feet.

What other solutions did you try and how did discover Elunow?

Initially, my family and I were taking care of my grandfather, but juggling our own lives with looking after him eventually became too difficult. Then when the first wave of Covid-19 hit in March, it became too risky for us to visit him so often. We eventually decided to put my grandfather into a care home, but it was obvious he wasn’t happy. So we started looking into a solution that would work for everyone. After reaching out to the local authorities, I was pointed to Elunow’s service.

How’ve you found the Elunow service?

When I first booked on the Elunow platform, I was a little nervous. But the communication between the customer service team and their caregivers made sure that everyone was prepared for the first visits.

We noticed a big improvement in my grandfather's mental and physical health. He prefers his routine and the care from Elunow means he’s been able to maintain a higher quality of life and even improve it in some ways. Now, we have two caregivers for my grandfather. One takes care of preparing food and the other helps with walking and leisure activities. It’s great for companionship. My grandfather has someone to talk to and keep him company, rather than spend some of his days all alone.

What recommendations would you make to other families in a similar situation?

Thanks to Elunow, my children get a chance to visit with their grandfather and enjoy that time together, rather than using that time for care. The caregivers are wonderful companions who have become a part of the family. All in all, we are very satisfied with the service and would recommend it to anyone in need of care assistance.

All in all, it shows that being in your own home and maintaining a high quality of life is beneficial to everyone, and allows all to live a fulfilling life. I’d highly recommend using Elunow instead of sending your elderly relatives to a care home.

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