Eric's Success Story Using Elunow For His Father

We would all like to think about ourselves and our loved ones aging with dignity.

Eric, who participated in one of Elunow’s pilot projects was happy to talk about his experience receiving care from Elunow

Please tell us your story?

My father had a stroke at the beginning of 2013 and as a result, he fell into a coma. With the perseverance of my mother and with my financial support, we had him moved back home. Eventually, he was able to move and talk. But still, my father needed assistance in cooking, moving, washing, and other hygienic and chores that needed to be done around the house.

Eric's father was in the hospital for 6 months following his stroke. Following that he received rehabilitation treatment at the Villa Benita nursing home for a further 6 months. 

Why did you make the decision to get extra support?

From 2014 to 2018 my mother took care of my father after his illness. But then suddenly she passed in 2019 leaving the full burden of care on me and my family. At first, I decided to put him into a care home, which I thought was a good idea because with my own life; work, family, five daughters, it doesn’t leave any time to care for my father. However, things changed in the spring of 2020 and he moved in with me.

How did discover Elunow?

I noticed Elunow ads online and had recently heard about the personal story of the founder. Her enthusiasm inspired me to find out more.

How’ve you found the Elunow service?

The Elunow platform is easy to use. Being a more than average computer user, it took 5 minutes to register with the system and another 5 minutes to make the first caregiver reservation. Convenient feedback comes every time you place an order.

What recommendations would you make to other families in a similar situation?

I definitely recommend that you consider giving yourself some time off from caring if this is a burden you bear. Even 2-3 hours a week helps. The cost of the service is many times cheaper than that of a nursing home. I think anyone that’s looking after someone in need of care, who can largely manage on their own but needs extra help from time to time, would really find the Elunow platform useful. It gives everyone independence and time to live their own lives.

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